The local government particulars are a set of documents that vehicles used for commercial purposes are expected to procure in order to operate within a local government area.

They are usually valid from January 1 to December 31 every year.

They include the following documents:

* Board of Internal Revenue

* Hackney Permit

* Commerce and Industry

* Sanitation/Effluent Discharge

* Interstate/Road User Tax

* Vehicle Commodity

* Heavy/Light Duty

* Loading & Offloading Permit

* Desert Encroachment/Soil Erosion

* Agricultural Levy

* Commodity Development Levy

* Auto trade Certificate for Vehicles

* Identification (CFI)

* Gateway Bye pass

*Consolidated Gaseous Emission Permit

* Consolidated Basket Clearance

* Driver’s/Conductor’s Badge

* State Carriage Permit

* Local Government Identification Tag

* Trade Association Particulars