The current clampdown of VIO officials in Lagos State on the e-hailing car services providers has been going on for more than three years.

My former thread that was deleted by the Moderators featured a topic similar to these where I listed valid documents to be procured by these service providers in order to avoid disruptions on their journey.

The genesis of the confrontations can be traced to the Yellow Taxi Cabs who noticed their business was been taken over by “a largely informal and unregulated innovative disruption”. The Yellow Taxi Cab operators were required to repaint their vehicles to the famous yellow colour before obtaining an (expensive) operating licence, hackney permit, six-month roadworthiness certificate and LASDRI card while the modern, trendy and superior e-hailing service providers weren’t.

The new generation App-driven service evaded this strict regulations and were highly profitable because they had a better business model. This drew the envy of the leaders of the Cab drivers who were also members of the NURTW – a very strong (financially and politically) pressure group. They used their connections in the Lagos State Government to eliminate the threats posed by the tech-driven car service providers.

As the news of the profits declared weekly by the Uber/Bolt drivers spread, more people joined as driver/partner owners while the Yellow cab taxi drivers resulted to carrying passengers with goods in order to survive.

The recent wave of persecutions may not be unconnected to the new minimum wage structure and the massive drive by government to meet up with the monthly salary and also put in place the necessary infrastructures. Thus creating new revenue models, the recent increment in VAT in the new financial bill comes to mind.

I am very much pleased with the efforts of the PEDPA – Professional E-hailing Driver Partners Association who summoned the courage to meet with the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, who has ordered the suspension of the clamp down on e-hailing drivers.

My heart is with this e-hailing drivers/partners because they are very hardworking and are about 95% of my online clients. Hence I would advise them to join any active association, and to obtain a hackney permit and LASDRI card till the government comes out with modalities for operation.


1. Allocation of Registration Number

2. Proof of Ownership Certificate

3. Central Motor Registry (CMR) paper

4. Road Worthiness Certificate – (Six months for commercial vehicles)

5. Auto Insurance (Third Party or Comprehensive)

6. Vehicle Licence

7. Hackney Permit

8. Driver’s Licence

9. Lagos State Drivers’ Institute (LASDRI) Card