What does a speed limiting device do?

A speed limiting device is a mechanical, electronic or electrical device installed on a vehicle to help monitor and prevent it from exceeding the approved speed limit

Is a speed limiting device really necessary?

Yes. A speed limiting device is important in the following ways:
It helps to prevent your vehicle from exceeding the approved speed limit
It helps to lessen the risk and magnitude of accident arising from over-speeding
It helps to keep vehicle fuel consumption at an acceptable level
It helps to lessen the impact of wear and tear on motor vehicles
It reduces maintenance cost generally

Why is the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) enforcing the use of the Speed Limiting Device?

One of the major causes of road accidents is excessive speed by motorists. Such uncontrollable speed often results in avoidable accidents that claims lives and destroy properties. So to help reduce the incessant cases of accidents on our highways, the FRSC, in conjunction with other relevant agencies and stakeholders is enforcing the use of speed limiting devices by motorist in Nigeria, starting with commercial vehicles

Yes. All vehicles in Nigeria are required to install the speed limiting device. However, the FRSC wants fleet operators and commercial vehicles to commence the use of the device not later than October 1, 2016. The deadline for enforcement of the policy on private vehicles would be announced by the FRSC in due course.

Is they any penalty for non compliance with this regulatory requirements?

Yes. There are penalties for non-compliance with this regulation and this may range from outright vehicle impoundments to prosecution of the driver/vehicle owner.

How can I request for a speed limiting device?

To request for a speed limiting device, simply contact one of the licensed dealers
The dealer would inspect your vehicle and recommend the most appropriate speed limiting device for it
The device would be installed on your vehicle by the dealer or his accredited agent
Upon completion of the installation, the dealer would forward your vehicle data to the FRSC for installation certificate to be issued to you